Modern citizens encounter new challenges daily (high population density, pollution, widespread growth in tourism etc.) Technology must help us face these unprecedented challenges.

PROBLEM: Controlling access to the city centre.

SOLUTION: Fine vehicles that do not have authorised entry. Camera number plate recognition is comfortable and efficient.

PROBLEM: Hotels and car parks must be able to authorise new vehicles efficiently.

SOLUTION: Vaelsys’ solution offers a centralised service whereby the data of each entity authorised to grant access are combined.

PROBLEM: Stolen vehicles.

SOLUTION: Number plate recognition allows us to detect cars that have been reported stolen from the very moment they have been reported.

PROBLEM: Counting vehicles.

SOLUTION: Number plate recognition allows us to count the vehicles drive through a certain point. This can be carried out continuously without incurring extra costs for cables, sensors and so on.

PROBLEM: Access to municipal offices.

SOLUTION: Number plate recognition is common practice with parking barriers.

Thanks to the Vaelsys ViFence City video analysis intelligence system in Cannes (France). With the aim of improving road safety and the overall safety of citizens, the city police use the software developed by this Spanish company for number plate recognition.

The solution proposed by Vaelsys considered the installation of automatic number plate readers on streets with a high rate of accuracy (over 90%) and the utilisation of CCTV cameras despite having not been specifically designed for number plate recognition. This is in addition to high quality recording of vehicles that enables identification of brand, model and colour, as well as the possibility of cross-referencing the identified number plates with the police database.
Speed, efficiency and control.

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