Sight is perhaps the sense that affords us the most information. It enables us to detect danger and recognise opportunity. It facilitates learning, allows us to understand our environments and look after what matters to us. Video systems offer us an unprecedented opportunity to broaden our knowledge and reduce reaction times when faced with difficult situations. However, over 90% of captured video footage is stored and subsequently deleted without being of any value in the interim.

Our holistic approach is unique in the market because it provides intelligence in two key processes. On the one hand our video-processing products based on artificial intelligence convert images into easy-to-use data for other systems. On the other hand our integration solutions mean that only the relevant video is delivered to the appropriate systems or person(s).

We offer open solutions designed to obtain video footage from cameras regardless of the manufacturer as well as ensuring functionality with different types of software. We provide the necessary technology in order for videos to be able to form part of any IT project that may require them. Our tools provide the necessary intelligence so that transforming videos into information is simple and so that this information can be integrated and used from any system.

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